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Great Business Teams   •   Cracking the Code for Standout Performance
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Great insights from Great Business Teams (continued from main page right-side):

*p.12 - Creating teams of leaders
*p.39 - Testing your leadership acumen
*p.52 - Climbing the Accountability Ladder
*p.60 - Becoming comfortable with discomfort
*p.66 - What causes great players to derail?
*p.81 - The four stages of team development
*p.83 - Alignment defined
*p.116 - High performance at L'Oréal Paris
*p.127 - Decision making at Novartis Oncology
*p.138 - Team decision making: avoiding the traps
*p.152 - The promise of high-performance meetings
*p.155 - Performance and language
*p.164- Ten ground rules for team communication
*p.169 - From great teams to a great organization
*p.185 - Eight challenges for great leaders and their teams

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